Cancer Research

Reveal the True Biology
of Cancer

Gain a Multidimensional
View of Cancer

Address the true complexities of cancer with sharper resolution into the cell types and mutations that drive cancer. 10x Genomics develops technologies that illuminate the details and dynamics of this complicated disease.

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Resolve the Spectrum of Tumor Heterogeneity

Explore how the combination of single cell gene expression and spatial profiling technologies expands capabilities to assess tumor heterogeneity and the tumor microenvironment.

Oncology Research


Advance immunotherapies by characterizing the tumor immune response. Define the receptor repertoire of infiltrating immune cells.

Oncology Research


Discover the spatial context of the tumor microenvironment. Capture dynamic transcriptional states in single cells.

Oncology Research


Uncover hidden tumor clones and dissect cell type differences. Measure genetic and epigenetic changes on a cell-by-cell basis.

Oncology Research


Reveal aberrations in cancer genomics. Identify rare tumor mutations and profile DNA copy number variation at the single cell level.

Visualize Cancer in
Multiple Dimensions

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are using multidimensional single cell analysis to peer deeper into the tumor microenvironment. These technologies are helping them investigate the body’s response to tumors, discover key driver mutations, and inform why treatments fail.

Addressing the True Complexities of Cancer

Solutions from 10x Genomics enable cancer researchers to ask and answer deeper questions. See how researchers are designing approaches to use these innovations to gain a multidimensional view of cancer.

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Discover how single-cell RNA sequencing provides deeper insights into lung cancer biology.

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Learn how genomic copy number profiling at single cell resolution exposed a mixture of tumor and normal cells in a breast cancer sample.

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See an in-depth analysis of T-cell repertoires using a multiomic single cell approach.

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Gain a Multidimensional View of Cancer
with Solutions from 10x Genomics