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10x Genomics Announces New Partnership Programs

–New Certified Service Provider and Compatible Partnership Programs will provide an extended ecosystem of reliable NGS workflow solutions for 10x Genomics’ customers–

PLEASANTON, CA.—February 12, 201810x Genomics, Inc., a company focused on accelerating genomic discovery, today announced a global partnership ecosystem to accelerate customer adoption of 10x Genomics’ sequencing applications through the Certified Service Provider and 10x Compatible Programs. Details about the two new programs will be revealed to customers and partners at this years’ Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting (AGBT) being held from February 12th to 16th in Orlando, FL.

“We’re establishing a global ecosystem of sequencing technologies and service providers who together span all aspects of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow, from wet-lab to informatics. We want our customers to be able to have immediate access to advanced sequencing solutions based on rigorous validation work,” said Edwin Hauw, senior director of strategic marketing at 10x Genomics.

Through the Certified Service Provider Program customers can access a reliable provider network for outsourcing genomic and single cell analysis through global service providers like WuXi NextCODE (Shanghai, China), as well as regional service centers like the Princess Margaret Genomics Centre (PMGC; Ontario, Canada). Enrollment in the program is open to fee-for-service laboratories who meet a high standard of technical and service requirements that are reviewed annually for each chosen application, which can include one or more of the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression, Immune Profiling, Genome or Exome Solutions.

Designation as a 10x Compatible Product assists 10x customers in identifying ancillary NGS technologies that have been verified and validated for their compatibility with 10x Genomics’ products. The program also incents program partners to develop joint workflow solutions, so that end-users can derive substantial value-add by selecting from 10x Compatible Products.

Initially the 10x Compatible Program will include collaborators in sequencing (MGI Tech), sample prep (BioLegend, PerkinElmer), lab automation (PerkinElmer), and target enrichment (Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)). 10x Genomics is seeking wet-lab partners for sample enrichment and preparation, target enrichment, automation, and quality-control, as well as software and informatics partners for data analysis, compute infrastructure, LIMS, genome assembly and mapping, structural variant detection, and tertiary analysis products and services.

The company will present more information about the growing network of partners and service providers at this years’ Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting (AGBT) in the 10x Genomics Hospitality Suite (Nassau Room) and during a sponsored workshop, “Biology at true resolution: What have you been missing?” from 4:10 to 5:10 pm in the Floridian Salon G-I

Interested customers and potential partners can find more information about the 10x Compatible Program and Certified Service Provider Program on the company website at

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