Accelerate the Pace of Discovery with the Power of Linked-Reads

What are Linked-Reads?

Linked-Reads, a new sequencing technology developed by 10x Genomics, leverages microfluidics to partition and barcode HMW DNA to generate a new data type that provides contextual information of the genome from short-reads. Our technology allows you to consolidate multiple assays into a single, powerful workflow with low input requirements. Simply put, Linked-Reads provide long-range information from short-read sequencing data, so you can find the information you may not even realize you’ve been missing.

Research Areas

Cancer Research

Decipher the molecular basis of cancer & better understand tumor heterogeneity by discovering more variants in a single assay.

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Genetic Health

Improve the understanding of disease inheritance by unlocking the full spectrum of variants in a single powerful workflow.

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Population Genetics

Attain the most comprehensive view of variants and access more disease-associated regions.

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How Do Linked-Reads Work?

Linked Reads Graphic

Linked-Reads can Help:

  • Access NGS Dead Zones
  • Find More Structural Variants
  • Resolve Haplotypes
  • Easily Assemble Genomes
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