Automate Your Single Cell Workflow

Increase your productivity in the lab while generating consistent and reproducible single cell sequencing results with Chromium Connect.

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Generate Consistent Results
Reduce single cell data variability
Maximize Lab Productivity
Go from cells to sequencing-ready libraries
Integrated and Validated
Cell partitioning, barcoding, and library prep
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Automate Single Cell Gene Expression Library Prep

Watch How it Works

Run the 10x Genomics single cell workflow with walk-away convenience. See how automation with Chromium Connect can maximize experimental reproducibility in the lab.

Reduce Data Variability

Chromium Connect delivers consistent and reproducible single cell gene expression data across experiments and across users. Run your assays with the confidence that technical variation is minimized with this validated instrument.

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Maximize Lab Productivity

Chromium Connect reduces errors from manual pipetting and shortens your hands-on time from more than 8 hours to less than an hour. Use this automated solution to get sequencing-ready libraries every day and reclaim valuable lab time.

Integrated and Validated

Chromium Connect combines single cell partitioning, barcoding, and library preparation in a standardized, automated workflow. The instrument integrates components customized for the 10x Genomics single cell workflow, automation-specific reagents and consumables, and an easy-to-use touchscreen computer.

See how automation streamlines your workflow.
Chromium Automated Controller

Inside the instrument, the compact Chromium Automated Controller performs single cell partitioning and barcoding. Automated chip loading and integration with library preparation steps enables a seamless walk-away single cell workflow.

Automation-Specific Single Cell Reagents

Chromium Connect is designed for error-proof reagent loading. Automation-specific reagents come in pre-aliquoted strip tubes, with flexibility to run 1–8 samples without wasted reagents.

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Guided Touchscreen Operation

Simple operation via a clean touchscreen interface guides the user through each step of the experimental setup. Internet connectivity lets you work from afar and always know when your experiment is ready.

Scientific Seminars

Automation for Single Cell Immune Profiling

  • Ella Chang, PhD, Scientist, 10x Genomics
  • Darisha Jhutty, Product Manager, 10x Genomics
November 12, 2020

Chromium Connect Service and Support

Our automation experts are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your 10x Genomics instrument. Included 12-month warranty, with extended Assurance Plan option, offers on-site installation, 6-month preventative maintenance, and remote support.

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