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10x Genomics Partners with BioLegend and Immudex to Extend Research Applications of Its New Single Cell Feature Barcoding Technology

PLEASANTON, CA.—July 31, 2018—10x Genomics, Inc., a company focused on accelerating genomic discovery, today announced that BioLegend and Immudex will be the first 10x Compatible Partners providing products for its new single cell Feature Barcoding Technology, which was revealed at the 2018 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting in February this year. The resulting product innovations, available at the end of 2018, will enable simultaneous gene and protein expression of the same cell as well as cellular characterizations and mapping responses. The newly developed applications have potential to accelerate disease research and drug discovery in oncology, neurology, infections disease, and immunology in addition to enhancing cell atlas research initiatives.

“We are proud to partner with 10x Genomics to commercialize this groundbreaking method for multi-omic single cell analysis and to offer a complete solution for researchers,” stated Gene Lay, chief executive officer of BioLegend. “Such high resolution and complex information can be used to more deeply characterize highly heterogeneous cellular populations and to further identify rare and important cells within those populations. These insights can potentially lead to the identification of novel molecular therapeutic targets and can accelerate drug discovery in immuno-oncology, autoimmunity, neurodegeneration, and other areas of human disease.”

The co-development partnership with BioLegend will result in the first commercially offered ready to use solution for simultaneous measurement of highly-multiplexed protein and unbiased gene expression from single cells, similar to previously reported academic methods, CITE-seq and REAP-seq. The new products offered by BioLegend, TotalSeq B and TotalSeq C, will be fully compatible with 10x Genomics’ Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution or Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution with Feature Barcoding Technology.

The additional partnership with Immudex leverages its proprietary Dextramer® technology to interrogate antigen-binding specificity alongside the transcriptome and repertoire readouts at single cell resolution. Using the 10x Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution with new Feature Barcoding Technology and Immudex DNA barcoded MHC-peptide multimers, researchers will be able to link full-length, paired TCR alpha and beta chain sequences and transcriptional profiles to the identity of their target antigens in the same cells with high specificity and sensitivity.

“By combining our proprietary DNA barcoded Dextramer® technology with 10x Genomics Chromium System and Solutions, we now have the ability to directly interrogate the TCR of the antigen-specific T Cells via MHC-peptide binding along with simultaneous analysis of expressed genes and cell surface phenotype for an entire sample at the single cell level, which has not been possible with existing technologies” says Liselotte Brix, chief scientific officer of Immudex.

“Through our 10x Compatible Product Partnership Program we are able to rapidly extend our expanding portfolio of applications to our customers worldwide,” stated Brad Crutchfield, chief commercial officer of 10x Genomics. “We seek out leading companies that complement our product portfolio, establishing partnerships that provide our customers with verified solutions. These partnerships are especially important as we continue to grow at a rapid pace.”

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10x Genomics is building tools for scientific discovery that reveal and address the true complexities of biology and disease. Through a combination of novel microfluidics, chemistry and bioinformatics, our award-winning Chromium System is enabling researchers around the world to more fully understand the fundamentals of biology at unprecedented resolution and scale.

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BioLegend develops and manufactures world-class, cutting-edge antibodies and reagents at an outstanding value to customers for biomedical research. The broad product portfolio includes flow cytometry, cell biology, and functional reagents for research in immunology, cancer research, stem cells, and more. The aggressive product development program is accomplished through technology licensing, collaborations, and internal research. BioLegend offers a wide range of custom services, including assay development, sample testing, and conjugation. BioLegend headquarters in San Diego, CA operates under an ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system. For more information on BioLegend, visit:

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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with North American operations based in Fairfax, Virginia, Immudex manufactures MHC Dextramer® for the detection of antigen-specific T cells. Immudex’s MHC Dextramer® products are utilized for the quantification or sorting of antigen-specific T cells in life science research, in vitro diagnostics, as well as the development of immunotherapeutics and vaccines. The CE and FDA 510(k) cleared Dextramer CMV Kit is approved for in vitro diagnostic use for the quantification of CMV-specific T cells. GMP Grade reagents are available. dCODE™ DNA tagged Dextramer reagents enable massive multiplexing of antigen-specific T cell detection via PCR and next generation sequencing. To find out more about how Immudex is improving immune monitoring please visit

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