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10x Genomics Extends their Application Portfolio with the Launch of Single Cell Mouse Immune Profiling Solution

–New solution characterizes single cell gene expression and paired receptor sequences of T- and B-cells in mouse models of disease–

PLEASANTON, CA.—June 20, 2018—10x Genomics, a company focused on accelerating discovery, today announced the launch of the Single Cell Mouse Immune Profiling Solution. For the first time, researchers will have the ability to simultaneously and deeply characterize single cell gene expression and paired receptor sequences of T- and B-cells in mouse models of disease. The new solution is now available for ordering and will be unveiled at the FOCIS 2018 Annual Meeting, June 20-23, in San Francisco.

“The addition of mouse immune profiling gives researchers a robust high-throughput solution for paired V(D)J sequencing of hundreds to tens of thousands of T- and B-cells on a cell-by-cell basis, while also capturing the gene expression profiles of the same cells,” said Serge Saxonov, CEO and co-founder of 10x Genomics. “This new solution will pave the way for future novel discoveries.”

“In addition to basic research, accurate characterization of the immune repertoire in mouse models will enable translational research to accelerate pre-clinical validation of new therapies, such as in immuno-oncology or infectious diseases,” said Saxonov.

With the Single Cell Mouse Immune Profiling Solution, researchers can massively scale data with single cell granularity, bringing a greater depth of understanding to mouse models for basic research, in addition to accelerating pre-clinical research for areas such as the development of vaccines and recombinant antibodies, infectious disease and autoimmunity, and engineered T cells in immunotherapies for cancer and other diseases. This solution enables full-length receptor sequencing and unbiased clonotype analysis of T- and B-cell populations through the power of paired heterodimeric receptor gene sequencing.

This solution also includes a comprehensive software suite from 10x Genomics to rapidly analyze and visualize large single cell experiments. Using Cell Ranger Analysis Pipelines, Loupe V(D)J Browser and Loupe Browser, researchers can reveal the clonality, diversity and cellular context of the immune repertoire.

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