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Scientist – Surface Chemistry/ Materials Science

Location: Pleasanton, California

Scientist 1/2 - Surface Chemistry/ Materials Science

10x Genomics builds products and services that interrogate, understand and master biology to advance human health. Our products have been adopted by researchers around the world and have been cited in research papers on discoveries across the life sciences, including oncology, immunology and neuroscience. We are proud to have our products adopted by 93 of the top 100 global research institutions and 13 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies.

Come and join the 10x difference and be a part of a dynamic experience that will take you from scientific curiosity to discovery. By joining our team, you will collaborate with highly skilled colleagues and become an integral part in helping our customers discover breakthroughs that will help transform the world in the coming decades.

Location: Pleasanton, California

10x is seeking an outstanding Scientist to join our Chemistry team to drive research and next-generation product development at our Pleasanton Headquarters.

This is a unique cross-disciplinary position that will work closely with a variety of groups including: Chemistry, Microfluidics, Engineering, Consumable Process Development, and Manufacturing to develop and integrate new reagents and platforms for the rapid expansion of 10x product lines. The ideal candidate will have a strong fundamental chemistry background with a deep understanding of surface and photo-chemistry and be able to apply that know-how creatively and independently in a fast-paced work environment. Candidates will have a proven track record in the practical application of their knowledge to various surface modifications, surface attachment chemistries, surface patterning, and photo-driven reactions/ ligations. In addition, preference will be given to applicants with industry experience and/or a broad working knowledge in biomaterials, bioconjugation, and/or molecular biology.

Individuals applying for this position will have diverse and extensive hands-on laboratory experience, be a highly motivated self-starter, action driven, collaborative, a strategic thinker, communicate effectively, be flexible in changing direction across various projects, and provide immediate contribution. The successful applicant must have exceptional attention to detail and the ability to meticulously execute and analyze highly complex experiments.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development of robust and reproducible attachment chemistries to covalently link compounds and/or particles to various substrates/surfaces
  • Development of surface modification chemistries to enable patterning of substrates/surfaces with various compounds under highly controlled conditions with predetermined requirements
  • Development of robust and reproducible photo-chemistries to enable highly controlled and specific photo-driven reactions/ligations on various substrates/surfaces
  • Develop and perform assays to probe stability, tolerances, and shortcomings of developing systems
  • Identify, understand, and resolve potential failure modes at early stages of the product development process (PDP), and provide technical input and strategies to progress research
  • Contribute to PDP design decisions through effective communication of experimental design, results, and conclusions at regular data-driven product development meetings
  • Work within multi-disciplinary teams to translate novel technological advances from R&D to elegant and robust customer-facing commercial product lines
  • Follow good laboratory practices, including maintenance of accurate laboratory notebooks

Required Skills and Background

  • PhD in Surface Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or a related discipline
  • 2-3 years hands-on experience applying knowledge across diverse and relevant projects (industry experience is a bonus)
  • Proven track record of performing multidisciplinary research with the ability to integrate a broad range of scientific and engineering principles
  • Demonstrated ability to design, validate, and execute high-impact experiments, including the in-depth analysis of results to formulate meaningful hypotheses/conclusions, and ultimately, develop solutions to complex multi-faceted challenges
  • Ability to perform under pressure and adapt to changes (e.g. project direction, priorities, timelines)
  • Experienced in the independent operation of a diverse array of instrumentation, including appropriate experimental design/control/execution to achieve reliable and reproducible results
  • Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving multi-disciplinary organization, which requires real-time communication, flexibility, and a willingness to learn new techniques and methods

Desired Skills and Background

  • Knowledge of polymer and/or hydrogel chemistries
  • Basic understanding of biochemistry and/or biomaterials and experience with delivery systems like hydrogels, micro- and nanoparticles
  • Experience with a broad range of analytical techniques and biological assays including; NMR, UV-Vis, HPLC, DLS, microscopy, flow cytometry and/or bioimaging, PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, ddPCR, PAGE, ELISA, and nucleic acid isolation and manipulation
  • Experience with microscopy, high-speed imaging, and/or quantitative fluorescence imaging
  • Experience operating, and/or designing, custom tooling for process/physical characterization
  • Experience with droplet microfluidics and/or alternative droplet generation and manipulation techniques
  • Experience with surfactant stabilized emulsion based systems/assays
  • Experience with photo-chemistry
  • Experience executing, and/or programming, custom scripts to perform data analysis
  • Understanding and/or experience with next-generation sequencing workflows and/or data analysis

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability. 

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